Harsha International offers physical record management services that are focused to improve the operating costs incurred in the storage and maintenance of documentary records in large organizations. The suite of applications offered by Harsha International is designed to perform a range of functions aimed at the following.

  • Identification and authentication of records
  • Logical indexing and storage of records
  • Tracking of records in circulation
  • Disposal of records that have reached obsolescence

The physical record management services offered by Harsha International include scheduled pick-up, on or off-site storage, secure archiving, and rapid retrieval and delivery. Sophisticated coding technology allows the identification, organization, and storage of materials belonging to clients in a manner that can be tracked and inventoried efficiently. Harsha International, upon request, also expedites retrieval and delivery whenever and wherever it is necessary for the client.

Harsha International adheres to the company-wide Perfect Order Initiative across the value chain of activities that it offers to users of its physical record management services. The Perfect Order Initiative supports a commitment to deliver the right items to the right person at the right time, each and every time. Some of the benefits of the Perfect Order Initiative that clients can leverage are listed below.

  • Protection from legal and compliance related risks
  • Savings in terms of time and money
  • Security of vital assets
  • Maximization of productivity
  • Streamlined operations
  • Generation of trust and confidence

The physical record management services offered by Harsha International ensure the long-term preservation of vital assets that are possessed by client organizations such as patents, drawings, samples, etc. Immediate access to such vital documents is available for clients by means of the following services.

  • Scan-on-demand and delivery
  • Fax-back delivery
  • Courier delivery

Harsha International maintains physical storage locations for custody of client documents at several locations across India, viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Kochi and has a total storage space of 3.2 million cubic feet at their disposal. This enormous capacity and country-wide availability of physical record management services bring the organization close to its clients and ensure great customer support.

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